• paleo apple peanut butter tarts
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    Plant Based Apple Peanut Butter Tart (GF/DF/V/Paleo)

    My favorite snack is apples and peanut butter so it makes perfect sense that I would come up with a paleo-ish grain free apple peanut butter tart to snack on. I bought these adorable little individual tart pans on Amazon. I was so excited about them that I had to use them as soon as they arrived! For the base, I used Nutsola Peanut Butter flavor mixed with a dash of water. You can find it here. If you don’t have Nutsola, you can make your own: In a large food processor, blend peanuts, dates, chia seeds, coconut flakes, vanilla extract and a pinch of cinnamon. You want a crumble to form so…

  • paleo vegan banana cream pie
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    Paleo Vegan Banana Cream Pie (GF/DF/V/Paleo)

    First, let me start by saying. These babies are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegan, paleo and NO BAKE! Whoot Whoot! I made individual sized paleo vegan banana cream pie because, let’s be honest, everything is cuter in it’s mini version (I mean, have you seen my mini peanut butter banana loaves? Adorable!) Okay, let me be real for a sec. I tried so hard to make a paleo vegan fresh banana pudding for these. In fact, I tried to make paleo banana pudding three times. One was too thin. One turned brown. And the last one turned grey and tasted like rotten bananas. Gross! But don’t worry, after that third…

  • peanut butter and jelly cups
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    Peanut Butter and Jelly Cups (GF/DF/V)

    Who needs a sandwich when you can grab one of these make ahead peanut butter and jelly cups? Seriously, these little guys are so delicious it’s hard to stop at just one. I made them grain and refined sugar free so they are a fun treat for the whole family! I used my favorite creamy organic peanut butter and paired it with my homemade fig jam (recipe here.) But feel free to use your favorite brand and any store bought jelly that you like. I used Peanut Butter Nutosla as the base. Nutsola is a fun blend of dates, nuts and spices that is gluten free, grain free, and refined sugar free. It…

  • cookies and cream dream bar
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    Paleo + Vegan Cookies n’ Cream Dream Bar (GF/DF/V/Paleo)

    These Paleo cookies n cream bars are the ultimate treat. They are literally good for almost anybody: Paleo Vegan Refined sugar free Dairy Free Gluten Free They are NO BAKE (whoohoo) and take only about 15 minutes to make. I store mine in the freezer and just pull out 1 or two into the fridge when we are in need of some treats. I’ve been using a healthy superfood mix in a lot of my recipes called Nutsola. It’s a blend of nuts, dates and spices. They are gluten free, paleo and vegan. You can turn them into granola bars or use them in recipes like I do. I used their Cacao flavor…

  • homemade fig jam
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    The Best Homemade Fig Jam (GF/DF/V/Paleo)

    What’s your favorite on the go snack? My go to is a delicious DIY Peanut Butter or Almond Butter bar, smeared with some nut butter and fig jam on top. My favorite is Nutsola DIY Superfood Peanut Butter Bar (check out my Shop My Favorites for a 15% off code). But you could pick up any Paleo / Gluten friendly bar for this. I love figs. My kids love figs. So instead of buying sugar and preservative laden fig jam at the store, I decided to make my own. And let me tell you, it tastes so fresh and delicious you will never go back to store bought! The recipe is super simple…