• paleo apple sausage scramble
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    Paleo Apple Sausage Scramble (GF/DF/Paleo)

    I was thinking about making paleo apple sausage from scratch. And then making a sweet potato scramble from scratch. But in the name of all things fast, I decided to turn this into a one pot meal and – WOW – I’m glad I did. Not only did it save tons of time, it tastes just as delicious as when I make them separate (with only half the work). I originally adapted this recipe from an Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) apple sausage recipe during a 30 day AIP challenge I was did. It was shredded apples mixed with ground pork and cinnamon, shaped into patties and fried in coconut oil. I fell in love…

  • roasted kale chips
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    Easy Roasted Kale Chips (GF/DF/V/Paleo/AIP)

    Simple snacks. I am always looking for simple snacks to feed my family that are nutrient dense, fast to make and tasty. I can tell you, my kids are not huge fans of kale. But when I roast them and turn them into crunchy salty kale chips, it’s a completely different story. Roasting kale changes the flavor profile and totally reminds me of potato chips. Think I’m crazy? Try them! Plus they are super quick to make and you will feel so good getting your kids to eat their greens. Did you know kale was first cultivated around 2000bc and was grove extensively in ancient Greece and Italy? It has actually changed very…