• tamale pie
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    Gluten Free Tamale Pie (GF/DF)

    Coronavirus quarantine has me making ALL THE COMFORT FOODS. Are you with me? I mean, the days are longer and I have a bit more time for cooking without having to haul the kids to and from school, sports, ect. This is the perfect family meal. The best part is that you can make this tamale pie in 1 skillet so there’s less mess. Who likes cleaning dishes anyway? I loaded it in extra veggies for a boost of vitamins and minerals, grass fed and finished beef for protein and B vitamins and our favorite gluten free cornbread mix for fun. I enjoyed my slice of tamale pie drizzled with honey, but the…

  • Asian Zucchini Noodle Salad
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    Asian Zucchini Noodle Salad (GF/DF/Paleo)

    I’ve been dying for some Asian noodles. But instead of the wheat and rice laden carb and inflammation overload, I opted for a light and refreshing Asian zucchini noodle salad instead. It turned out amazing. Topped with some sliced grilled grass fed tri-tip (any protein will work) it’s officially on the favorite’s list. For this lunchtime meal, I made a larger batch of the Asian style dressing and used some of it as an overnight marinade for my grass fed tri tip. However, this salad is quite versatile and would be delicious with steak, chicken or even shrimp! The spiralized noodles make it more fun. I have an inexpensive spiralizer that I love.…

  • pomegranate balsamic roast
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    Crockpot Pomegranate Balsamic Roast (GF/DF/Paleo)

    This is the easiest most delicious roast you will ever eat. I promise. There are only a few ingredients, minimal prep work, and the crockpot just does it’s think. Hands down, it’s my favorite Paleo Crockpot Roast Recipe. And let me tell you, I make a lot of roasts! How to Choose Your Roast First, let’s talk about the quality of the meat. I believe that Americans as a whole are eating way too much meat. We are eating more than we need, purchasing cheap quality that comes from feedlots, and our health and planet are suffering because of it. However, I don’t believe that means we need to give up meat completely.…

  • Paleo Beef Stew with Sweet Potato and Celery Root
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    Paleo Beef Stew with Sweet Potato + Celery Root (GF/DF/Paleo)

    The weather is finally cooling off and it is the perfect time to create a big batch of this Paleo beef stew with sweet potatoes, carrots, and celery root. I love creating different versions of the classic and this one is absolutely perfect. You get the heartiness from a delicious slab of grass fed and finished chuck roast, the sweetness from the sweet potatoes, and the health benefits of all the other veggies hidden inside. Speaking of health benefits, do you know much about celery root? Celeriac (or celery root as it’s commonly called) is from the same family as celery but it’s actually a completely different plant. The edible part of the…

  • The best paleo stew
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    The Best Paleo Beef Stew (GF/DF/Paleo)

    I first created this easy paleo beef stew while trying to brainstorm good camping recipes. I ended up making this at home and hauling the leftovers to the mountains as an easy fireside heat up dinner. If you have never had stew by campfire, I highly recommend you do. There is just something so cozy about eating a hearty stew next to a warm fire in the cold mountain air that totally elevates the experience of this dish. Stuck at home? No problem. It’s still delicious and even better the next day! I like mine topped with cilantro for a fresh twist, but it doesn’t need it. The recipe is good as is.…