• Vegan Key Lime Pie
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    No Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie (GF/DF/Vegan/Paleo)

    My husband was away in Germany for a month and upon his return I wanted to make an extra special dessert. I love a good key lime pie but usually they are loaded in inflammatory cream, refined sugar and carbs. I decided to make a gluten free dairy free paleo vegan key lime pie that didn’t require baking at all. And it’s loaded in healthy ingredients! All you need is a food processor for the crust and a blender for the filling. Throw them in the freezer, pull one out 15 minutes before ready to eat and viola! Instant Dessert! It’s literally the perfect summer treat! I made mine with individual tart pans…

  • strawberry shortcake protein smoothie
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    Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie (GF/DF/Vegan/Paleo)

    Strawberry shortcake was one of my all time favorite desserts as a kid. My mom made them with sweet biscuits, fresh strawberries and loaded them with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Here I recreated my childhood favorite into a delicious and healthy smoothie. Introducing my Strawberry Shortcake Protein Smoothie. All real food ingredients, full of healthy carbs, fat and fiber to keep you full for hours. Same delicious taste without the blood sugar crash. The base is frozen riced cauliflower (I promise you can’t taste it) and frozen banana. Add in some almond or coconut milk for creaminess. A few scoops of Nuzest Protein Powder in Wild Strawberry to keep me full…

  • paleo shortbread cookies
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    Simple Paleo Shortbread Cookies (GF/Paleo/Vegan)

    These super simple paleo shortbread cookies are made with only 5 ingredients and are absolutely delicious. The base is almond flour. Agave gives it some sweetness. Vanilla adds a bit of flavor. They are so easy and versatile, we eat them with coffee, crumble them up on smoothie bowls, or turn them into ice cream sandwiches by freezing them with a little cashew ice cream in the middle. How do you eat your shortbread cookies?

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    Paleo Friendly Pistachio Honey Blondies (GF/DF/Paleo)

    I had a huge bag of pistachios starting at me in the cupboard and in my mind I created these amazing pistachio honey blondies that were out of this world. So I set out to make it. Fail. First one was way too crumbly. Ugh! But, I don’t give up that easily so I tried again. Second batch? Fail. This one tasted like nothing. No flavor at all. I was so frustrated! So I shelfed that idea for a few weeks and came back to it when I was feeling re-inspired. And let me tell you, the third time’s the charm because these bars came out so delicious and decadent. Served alone or…

  • Healthy Carrot Cake Loaf
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    Healthy Carrot Cake Loaf (GF/Paleo)

    “This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.” – My 7 year old daughter Legit. That’s what we say when something is on point in my house. And that’s exactly how I feel about this incredibly easy and delicious healthy carrot cake bread. I made it for Holy Week to start the celebration of Easter and the whole thing was gone in a day. It’s gluten free. Grain free. Paleo-ish (It has cream cheese but, hey, gotta live a little.) I found this awesome maple syrup that tastes like toffee called Birch Benders that I used to help reduce the sugar content in the whole thing. The flours used are a blend of…