• mung bean stew
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    Ayurveda Kichari | Mung Bean Soup (GF/DF/V)

    Ayurveda Kichari is a balancing staple food of Ayurveda. It is served regularly at clinics all over the world because it both cleanses and nourishes the body without supporting imbalances of any kind. Typically it is a one pot meal with mung beans and rice and a rotating selection of vegetables and spices depending on the season. Ayurveda 101 Ayurveda is loosely translated as “the science of life.” It is considered the oldest formal health system in the world. It started over 5,000 years ago in India and still thrives as a holistic health practice all over the world today. If you know a little about Ayurveda, you know it is all about…

  • pomegranate balsamic roast
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    Crockpot Pomegranate Balsamic Roast (GF/DF/Paleo)

    This is the easiest most delicious roast you will ever eat. I promise. There are only a few ingredients, minimal prep work, and the crockpot just does it’s think. Hands down, it’s my favorite Paleo Crockpot Roast Recipe. And let me tell you, I make a lot of roasts! How to Choose Your Roast First, let’s talk about the quality of the meat. I believe that Americans as a whole are eating way too much meat. We are eating more than we need, purchasing cheap quality that comes from feedlots, and our health and planet are suffering because of it. However, I don’t believe that means we need to give up meat completely.…

  • cranberry orange chicken
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    Crock Pot Cranberry Orange Chicken (GF/DF/Paleo)

    Anyone else starting to anticipate Thanksgiving dinner? My favorite part of Thanksgiving is this delicious cranberry orange sauce that I make to slather over my turkey slices. I am starting to see more and more bags of cranberries at the grocery store so, in the spirit of the season, I picked up a GIANT Costco sized bag. And I got to thinking… I wonder if I could make a cranberry sauce for my chicken? Well, the answer is yes. Yes I can. I present to you my Crock Pot Cranberry Orange Chicken. It’s super simple to make (throw it all in a Crock Pot simple) and it’s delicious. Thanksgiving flavors without all the…